Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wow... we really can make up excuses! Live A Little!

It's really amazing to me how many excuses a human being can make up to explain a failure of any sort. Whether a game , a competition , an audition, an exam , there is always an excuse .

So why is it so hard to admit that we failed. ?

Is it our because we're exposing our weakness or is it related to a lie pattern we've been developing since early childhood? Don't they teach us to lie by telling us not to lie?

Yes, but at the same time we are taught that admitting our weaknesses only makes us stronger, but as they lead by example shouldn't we find a proof for words? And if we do? Doesn't it open up a door for others to walk in and eat us up?

So that's it? We make up excuses to avoid getting swallowed up or really judged for who we are, because if people criticize our lies covered body it bounces of leaving shallow wounds , but if we tend to expose the real person under the mask ,the lies, the made up personalities isn't this vulnerable state the most dangerous of all?

It's safe to say we all go through times where we wish our lives were like a fairy tale minus the wicked witch... a series of enchantements and delights , and holding on to this aspect of our childhood is what allows to sometimes overcome and overgrow the plastic face and feel real and genuine . It's really hard to realize but it happens, we are not in a musical were the hero and heroine outsing their troubles, and live happily ever after .

But nothing should stop us from trying. And considering a person naive because they refuse to loose the joy of being truly happy, even if it's for a moment, in their head , is a cynical way of rejecting the possibility of leaving the anger and resentement behind to appreciate a moment of fantasy.

We were born children for a reason to touch the idea of innocent pleasures, and keep this memory with us , whether eating cotton candy on a sunny afternoon or playing hide and seek in a garden, taking a bath with toys and splashing arround, watching a cartoon....
This to me is happiness. The only one that matters.
Reviving the child letting him out for a moment, forgetting the responsibilities and troubles of adulthood.

So in the words of the great Marley ... Don't Worry Be Happy!!!!


  1. i liked the post a lot but you should have talked more about why we humans are forced to lie in a society where lying is seen and judjed to be as a crime.
    sry to tell u but i though that the last sentence had nothin to do with the post :S
    but all in alll i liked it :D

  2. Hehe no sorry needed:D but i looovee this song and live by it... most of the time:P or when we dont have hmwork!!:D