Saturday, March 7, 2009

Female Icons

Female Icons:
it's not very often that we hear or read this expression, as few Females are actually considered as icons but i am pleased to report that humanity is Finally on the right track of evolution recognizing Females and the decisive role they play. Finally in 2009 women are being acknowledged but the irony is that it's a fashion magazine who decided to treat the subject -not an actually serious journal- , who chose 7 Females out of 7 decades...really? is that all we managed to contribute over 70 years?
What about the rest of the "ICONS" what do we tell them? Ur contribution was not relevant?

The reason for this seems very clear to me. Most these icons, if not all did things reserved to Males by definition, a pilot, a revolutionary , an industrial promoter, an independent businesswoman, an activist. Titles reserved for men, usually.
Is this the only way for women to stand up and prove that they exist and that they are valuable for and in society? But still in the end of the day a tribute is already an effort that has to be recognized even though i considered it as a publicity stunt.

It was also women world award a couple of weeks ago, an award given since 2004, intended for women who have influenced the world by their work in areas such as society or politics.So even though it's through baby steps change is coming and frankly it's about time!

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